Box for coins educates todays youth to save

Encouraging our children to save money such as euro coins, in times such as these, when a lot of the world is suffering from the economic down turn, it makes more sense than ever to teach our kids economic responsibility. Traditional money saving tools such as piggy bank boxes are the perfect way to teach children the lessons that many of the world’s bankers and traders seem to have forgotten. While many parents do teach their kids how to save money through the use of savings accounts and the like, the immediacy and physicality of an old fashioned Box for selling coins (Münzen verkaufen) is still the best option in most situations.

Some people say that it is never too young to teach a child about savings and economic responsibility. While this may be the case, the abstraction of a bank account is too much for a lot of young kids to understand and/or care about. The perfect way to teach young children, and ever young adults about how to save money, is through a money box that they can have around them all the time. Through watching and feeling a money box grow in weight, children are given the encouragement that they need to continue saving. This can teach kids discipline and management, as they physically see the benefits of saving money for the future.

Another age old tradition that is of great benefit to children living in the modern age is the art of collecting. Items such as coins and stamps can be collected and bought in stamp auctions, showing them the benefit of hard work and organisation, and even introducing them to the world of investment. Young savers and young collectors will be more likely to continue these roles into the future years, when the lessons of saving and investment can become really important life tools which they can use for the benefit of themselves and their future families.

In a modern world that is struggling with economic and environmental responsibility, it is important to pass these values down to our children at a young age. While many parents are swept up in the bank system and attempt to teach their kids to save through the banks, there is an easier and more productive way. Physical money saving devices such as money boxes and piggy banks provide children with a fun object they can associate with their saving activities, giving them the encouragement and feedback they need to continue